CAE Lab Software

Software Title ADAMS/Ftire
CAE Windows Lab Yes
CAE Linux Lab Yes
Available on XenApp No
ADAMS is a multibody dynamics simulation software equipped with Fortran and C++ numerical solvers. Adams helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems.

FTire focus on:

- Modelization (tire belt structure and tread description)
- Advanced modelization (tread wear and thermal model, tread pattern)
- Road modelization (3D road surfaces, flexible road surfaces, spatial parametric road descriptions)
- Input/Output data file handling (tire and road data handling, additional result files)
Other Details
Adams is available on the CAE lab machines (Windows and Linux) as well as by remoting into the CAE linux lab computers:

To remote into a linux lab machine:

If the software is not graphical, use SSH

If the software is graphical, use ssvnc… There are some limitations we are unable to solve at this time