CAE Lab Software

Software Title MATLAB suite
CAE Windows Lab Yes
CAE Linux Lab Yes
Available on XenApp No
Can be Installed on Pvt.Laptop Yes
Can be on UW Owned Computer Yes
Academic Research Allowed Yes
MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The language, tools, and built-in math functions enable you to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java®.
Other Details
Matlab can be downloaded onto UW owned or personal machines (Mac and Windows). The download can be found in the Campus Software Library at Keep in mind that this version provides only a temporary license, and that you may need to update the license once per year.

Matlab can also be found remotely the CAE Linux lab machines. You can use ssvnc… There are some limitations we are unable to solve at this time

Our Campus-Wide License gives everyone has access to MATLAB Online, MATLAB Drive, MATLAB Mobile, and MATLAB Grader, all cloud based tools for instruction.  
All of these can be accessed via our MathWorks/UW Portal here: